Food for thought (1)

One of the greatest lessons in life is to apprecaite those that know you well and still love you.

Its different when people dont  know you but love you. When they get to really know you,  they may change their mind.



Posted on December 3, 2007, in Bible, christian, Christian living, Christianity, Encouragment, faith, Prayer, Relationships, Wisdom. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Hello to all who reads…. I totally agree that it’s an awesome feeling to have those who know you and still love you and I have 2 very special christian friends who have shown me nothing but love and support during my trying times of tribulation. I’m currently searching for employment, I’m a single parent and my funds are depleted and they continue to show support ;verbal and financial and I’m struggling to just wait on GOD to deliver me from unemployment and bless me with a great job that will take care of my tithes,my son and me. I vigorously search for work daily and I still haven’t found a job and I’m just holding on to GOD’s hand now until he blesses me…

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