A beautiful xmas message received

Merry Christmas God bless and reward you. As l think about the birth of Christ l remind myself that where there was a need the Father made the ultimate provision. He has always done this through the bible.

A bird giving His prophet food when on the run.                

Manna for His children in the wilderness.

Oil to the widow who blessed   the prophet.

A way of escape for the psalmist when the king lost his cool.

The promised land for generations that had lived as slaves.

The gift of a word in season .

A healing sight.


Then He gives us Jesus His only begotten son, prince of peace, royalty, the only way to the Father.

Jesus came to save us, He was and still is the need we have , the answer to every question.

So lets celebrate for the father has provided not just healing , manna, or oil but a life of liberty and hope: the of salvation.

All we will ever need is in Jesus.

Merry Christmas and God bless.

Author: Aiche Ehidamhen


Posted on December 25, 2008, in Bible, christian, Christian living, Christianity, Church, Confessions, faith, Family, Jesus, Life, Prayer, Quotes, Religion, Salvation, Wisdom. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I certainly loved the message, very beautiful.

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