At 106 still preaching and strong

Otis G. Clark was born on February 13, 1903, in Meridian, Oklahoma before Oklahoma was even a state

Interesting Facts:

  • Evangelist Clark is older than the state of Oklahoma, which was incorporated in
  • He is an original member of the Azusa Street Mission, which was started by
    William J. Seymour in 1906.
  • He is a 1921 Tulsa Race Riot Survivor.  This took place on America’s Black Wall
    street, the Greenwood district of Tulsa, OK.
  • He still lives independently and has his own car
  • He takes no medications
  • He has all of his teeth, except for one, which he claims the dentist did not know
    what he was doing when he pulled it.
  • He does not regularly wear glasses with the exception of reading glasses
  • He eats whatever AND everything that is put before him—no restricted diet
  • He recently threw out the 1st pitch for the Boston Red Sox
  • He recently returned from his 2nd mission trip to Africa. The first when he was 103
    yrs old and the second when he was 104 yrs old.
  • He is the world’s oldest traveling evangelist


From site below and the rest can be read at:


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  1. Wow. What a great testimony! God bless him and keep him around for awhile. The world needs such men.



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