After Seeing Jesus in a Dream, Voodoo Priest Gives His Life to Christ

by Teresa Neumann : Mar 19, 2010

Until the dream, the voodoo priest had been very resistant to the Gospel.

Voodoo priest repents(Port-Au-Prince, Haiti)—The Baptist Standard has reported a voodoo priest in Haiti recently claimed Jesus as his Lord and Savior after he approached a Baptist missionary and relief worker, Fred Sorrels, for medical aid. .

The priest, Jean Odlin, reportedly told Sorrels he “had a dream the night before in which Jesus had written his name on his arm.”

After Sorrels shared the Gospel with Odlin, he immediately prayed to receive Christ.

“Not only had Jesus written his name on his arm,” said Sorrel, “but he also had his name written in the Book of Life.”

According to the report, Sorrell said he wanted to destroy all his voodoo items and with the help of a Haitian pastor, they gathered the items into a large pile and burned them. That pastor later told Sorrels everyone knew Odlin and had tried to reach out to him, but he had been “very resistant,” until that moment.

The following day, after coming across the Scripture of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples, Sorrell felt strongly that he should do that for Odlin. “I’d never had the experience of washing someone’s feet before, but it was such an honor,” Sorrels said. “Those feet that had been leading people into darkness will now lead them into the light.”

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  1. Amen. Oh…the Lord will bring many to His Kingdom through this man, in Jesus Name!

    Thanks for posting this!


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