Activating substance into our relationships.

What do l mean? Do you have people in your life that it seems there is not much to talk about? You call them, once you pass the discussion about the Kids, work and weather there is nothing to talk about.

 For relationships to be sustained there must be some valuable substance to it. What do l mean? There needs to be something you are giving or that is adding value to you?

But there is nothing to talk about. It can be activated. How?  By activating substance into it.

 An example of doing this is to find something that the person does that interests you. It could be reading books, or listening to messages, or a sport or physical activity. 

Lets take the example of  reading books. You can ask what books the person is currently reading?  The person shares it with you and how much they have been blessed. In exchange you also give them books that have blessed you.  The next time you talk, your conversation will have more substance to it because you will have something of value that interests both of you.  In this case, you can talk about the books you have read.

 The list of activating substance goes on e.g. doing things together, praying together , ministry, etc the list goes on.

While we do need to have substance in our relatonships not everyone will respond the same way.  So what do l do? You can only try and if the person cannot discern that you are only trying to add more value to the relationship you at least tried.

 Its all about trying to keep the flame alive and  as we do so we will be blessed with valuable relationships with great substance.

Bisi Oladipupo


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  1. Good subject to put on the table. We must be able to go the extra distance to build substance into our relationships with others.

  2. For relationships to thrive and grow, we have to work at them. Thanks for the reminder!

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