The dual working of the shield of favour

Have you ever attended an interview? Prayed and claimed Psalm 5:12 however, you never got the job.

Apart from the fact that it might not have been Gods best for you, let’s have a closer look at this verse:

Psalm 5: 12

  For thou, LORD, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

A shield protects.

Applying this to a job interview or for any other thing required, it is a good scripture to say ‘Lord, let your favour cover me, let your favour shield me so they do not see my faults, or deficiencies, let your favour blind them from what may stand against me’.

However, as favour used here is as a shield, it can protect you from other things?

 What do l mean?

 You go for an interview, however, you have no idea that the manger of the team you will be reporting to is a very difficult person. Or it could be that their systems are so out of order that working with such an organisation will only frustrate you. So the shield of favour works on your behalf saying, ‘’ no this person has to be protected from this mess, not here’’, so you are protected and don’t get the job.

 A shield not only makes people blind to what they should not see, it also protects us from what could harm us. The shield of favour, can work both ways.

 So next time  you don’t get the job or whatever you applied for, just thank God and know that He has something better in store for you. His favour is still working on your behalf.

Bisi Oladipupo



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  1. This is a great word. Oftentimes, we tend to be naive about the breadth of the meaning of the Scriptures. One reason might be because we go forward already determined as to how we want things to turn out. But God always knows better. Sometimes, we don’t get our heart’s desire because God knows or sees some things we can’t. Praises be to His name.


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