Stop beating yourself about your mistakes

We have all made mistakes. Some mistakes have been very costly while others not so much however they have cost us something.

The Lord loves His people and while we have made mistakes, we need to learn from them and move on. Sometimes the Lord uses those same mistakes to make us wiser, better and stronger people in Him.

I recently read an account in a book called ‘The Harvest’ by Rick Joyner which was very encouraging. The following is from pages 154 and 155 of the book.


‘Some of the ministries who will bring the greatest life to the church in the days to come will be the those who have made the greatest mistakes in the past. It is a biblical and  historical reality that many fail so totally that they come to the end of all human effort and strength before God will use them. Humility comes before exaltation.

 We see this precedent in the lives of the patriarchs. Abraham brought forth an Ishmael before an Isaac.  Moses tried to deliver his brethren by his own strength and had to spend forty years in the wilderness as a shepherd, the most humble profession of the time, before God could use him. Peter denied the Lord before he could be used as one of the greatest witnesses. Paul had to become the chief of sinners, persecuting the church unto death before he could be the ‘ apostle of grace’.

 This may not be true for all, but it seems to be for those who would be used for the greatest spiritual advances. Many of the elders and early church fathers would put little trust in anyone who had not been broken by such failure or discipline.

From the third chapter of Genesis to the end, the Bible deals with one essential theme – redemption. In a sense we might say that God is in the redemption business- it is His heart to recover and restore what has been lost.

 From the harvest by Rick Joyner’


This is very encouraging for us all. While the above starts out addressing ministries, the examples of those who made mistakes and eventually learned from them allowing God to work in them are people like you and me.

Have you made a mistake? People may not forget and always talk about it, but what really matters is that when we repent and allow the Lord to work in us, He forgives us. Not only does He forgives He redeems and restores that which was lost. This is because God is in the redemption business – it is His heart to recover and restore.

Lets stop beating ourselves about our mistakes. Yes we learn from them however we must allow the Lord to redeem and restore us. As we do we will be able to help others along the journey of life.

Bisi Oladipupo







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  1. Thanks.
    Having made many mistakes in my life this is a topic I need to frequent regularly.
    It made my day!
    In Him,

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