Internal surgery that no man can do

Thank God for medical advancements today. When a person breaks a leg by mistake or accident they go to the hospital to get it fixed.  Doctors can fix many things but no man can heal the heart.

Psalm 147: 3

He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

Just as we can have wounds in our body our hearts can have wounds. Wounds from betrayal, broken relationships, difficult times etc the list of the source of wounds of the heart  can go on.

So what do we do? We need  turn it over to the Lord for only He can heal and bind up the wounds of the heart. No medication can heal the heart.

Does your heart need healing? Turn to the Lord, He is ever ready and willing to heal us on the inside. No man can do this. If we want total healing we must ask the Lord for His help.

He is an ever present help even for the healing of our hearts.

Bisi Oladipupo


Posted on January 21, 2012, in Bible, Books, christian, Christian living, Christianity, Church, faith, Prayer, Salvation, Wisdom. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Good word. God anointed Jesus to heal the brokenhearted (Luke 4:18).

  2. What a privilege to know the Great Physician personally and intimately!
    I always appreciate your postings–may God richly bless you as you serve Him.
    Your brother in Christ,
    Blogger Bob

  3. Hi Bisi! I nominated you for the versatile Blogger’s Award. I am trying to figure out how to send it to you! Love E

  4. Bless you for the good word.

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