Its not too late to say sorry!!

Have you ever wronged someone before and never said sorry? Have you ever cut off from someone with no explanation? The person never wronged you but somehow you got irritated with their personality or perceived them wrongly. Maybe they kept asking after you too much and you felt ‘please leave me alone’, and you decided to disconnect. They tried to find out what they did wrong but you never responded. Or perhaps many years ago you behaved immaturely and didn’t handle a situation rightly. You offended someone and never said sorry.

Everybody has something about them that can irritate others, you just need to get close enough. We are all ‘work in progress’ If you keep disconnecting from people because they irritate you  perceive them wrongly and refuse to judge them correctly, you will along the journey of life abort most if not all of your God ordained relationships because nobody is perfect.

But someone said, well it happened many years ago, do l still need to say sorry?  The bibles says that whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap: Galatians 6: 7. When you decided to behave that way and the person had no idea what they did wrong, you have sowed a bad seed into their lives. You have no idea how that may affect them if not by the Grace of God. A person of integrity no matter how long ago will still say sorry. It shows the state of the persons heart.

Many years ago l was going to travel to another country for a while. Because l was preparing to travel l stayed with a few friends in a shared house. One particular one kept on nagging me ‘so why don’t you move out’ what are you doing staying with us’ etc. Eventually l left and travelled out as planned.

A year later l returned to the country and after several years of getting back l met this friend who nagged me while staying with them. She then apologised and said that what she did was wrong. Then l said ‘ not too worry’ it happened many years ago, but she insisted on apologising and said that  what she did was wrong. That is a person of integrity.

Saying sorry no matter how long ago is godly and should be done. You have no idea how it will help the other person and it also shows a change of heart.

I recently listened to a message by a well known Man of God in summary this is what he said.  There was a lady that was trying to get healed of several conditions. She had been prayed for by many people but the symptoms were not leaving. She then attended his healing meeting during the day where he ministered about walking in love and how our faith works by love.

The lady then came to the conclusion that she had to make up with her brother. Her and her brother had fallen out over something 25 years ago and never spoke after that (Sad but true). She then located her brothers telephone number and called him. She apologised and said sorry while he also said sorry. They agreed to share the blame.

That evening she went to bed lighter and happier knowing that the next time she goes to the healing line she will be healed. To her great surprise, when she woke up the following day, all the symptoms had gone. She woke up perfectly healed and did not need prayer again.

Is the Lord nudging you to go and say sorry to someone? Please obey that voice, you have no idea what is tied up with that obedience. But it happened many years ago. It doesn’t matter, you have no idea the seed you have sown into that persons life. Obey the Lord and go and say sorry. Its never too late.

Are you a parent that was never their for your children when they were growing up? Did you treat someone very bad many years ago? Did you judge and perceive someone wrongly ? Arise and go and say sorry no matter how long ago it happened.

Bisi Oladipupo


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