Disguised slothfulness!

When we hear the word ‘slothful’ sometimes there is a great tendency to apply the word to a person who does not want to work. Have you come across anyone who talks about making lots of money but has no intention to go to work? Sometimes its also easy to apply it to those who have children. Ever giving excuses why homework had not been completed.

While the above are all indications of slothfulness, the meaning of this word can also be manifested in other ways.

Lets have a look at this scripture:

Proverbs 18: 9

 He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster.


Do you waste things? Are you a great waster? We all have areas of waste in our lives. How careful we need to be in judging others. I think this is why we are told not to judge because we don’t have the capacity to judge other people. Before we start pointing fingers at people that are slothful, maybe we all need to examine ourselves.

The word ‘waste’ can apply to any area of life. Wasting time, unable to account for our finances, wasting money, buying clothes we already have but tucked away where we can never find them, wasting valuable relationships, wasting our lives  on unprofitable things, the list goes on.

The summary of the word ‘slothful’ is basically when we cannot be bothered to be diligent enough to take account and do what needs to be done in any area of life to get positive results. Hard but true.

Lets examine ourselves even in the little things. Next time you go out to buy a suit only to return home and find out you already have one. Ask yourself the question, did this happen because l couldn’t be bothered to arrange my things in a manner that they could be found?

The word slothful is also a reason why many Christians do not know what the Lord has for them in life.  Church attendance is good, home church attendance is good, but until we take personal responsibility for ourselves and seek His face for His plan for our own individual lives we may never know His plans for us. This takes diligence and a deliberate action on our part. It will not come with a passive attitude . We must learn how to hear from Him and be sensitive to His ways. Romans 12: 11  Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;

As we come across situations in life and in our daily living, whenever we discern slothfulness, lets take action against it .

We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Lets ask for His grace to enable us to be diligent and it will be given to us. He is ever ready to help us.


Bisi Oladipupo


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