Whose doctrine are you preaching?

We sometimes need to ask ourselves a question. Am l preaching what the Lord wants me to preach or am l preaching to please man?  We also need to remember that when we teach, we are actually feeding the people of God. How careful we need to be.

The Lord knows the crowd, our make, what we have the capacity to share and what He wants to get across to His people. Lack of preparation and lack of spending time in His presence can result in teaching or preaching what we should not be preaching. We must learn to study the Word of God ourselves and receive from the Lord.


There is a very interesting statement in the book of John:

John 7: 16 – 17

Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.

 If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

If Jesus did not preach His own doctrine while in the flesh, why should we preach our own doctrine? Our Lord Jesus Christ said that He did not speak of Himself. That is very powerful, what a lesson we should learn from our Master.

Our Lord Jesus Christ sought God the Father and preached and spoke what He heard. How much more should we now seek our Lord for direction for our own ministries? We are not to move in the flesh and preach of ourselves but of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. What doctrine or insight does the Lord want you to teach and preach?

But the message l feel the Lord wants me to preach is not popular. People will stop coming. It does not matter, at the end of the day, what matters is that we can stand before the Lord and say ‘ l taught and preached’ what you gave me to peach.

While it is good to learn from others, sometimes the Lord has specific messages He wants to give to us. If we clone after others, all we will do is copy sermons and preach them. Nothing wrong in learning and sharing what others have received, however could it be that the Lord has something different for us?

Some doctrines of men sound good, but they are not of God. We need to be discerning even as a listener, this is why the Lord has given us all the Spirit of truth, and the greater one that teaches us all things. We need to get back to the Word of God. We need to get back to the uncompromised Word of truth. All this sugar coating messages are causing many to live below their privileges in Christ, many remaining babies in the Lord and the most severe of it all, sending people to hell.

So many problems that we have today is because we want to please men and are not telling people the raw truth.

Is the Lord giving you insights in the Word that you think people will not want to hear? Please preach it. Be bold and preach want you have received.

The Word of God is designed to set free. You shall know the truth. and the truth shall set you free (John 8: 32). It might sound hard, but it is full of grace and truth (Acts 8: 32) and it will set free.

Lets get back to the uncompromised Word of God. When we being to preach His Word, people will be set free and grow up in Him (1 Peter 2:2).


Bisi Oladipupo



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  1. Unfortunately true Christianity is a doctrine that most people don’t want to hear. The true word of the gospel is tough and at times almost disheartening. If you preach what most people don’t want to hear then you’re probably preaching the right thing.

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