Serious food for thought!

I have been reminded of Charles G. Finney’s sermon “The Infinite Worth of the Soul,” which was preached on December 22, 1850.

He said: “How little men think of the infinite value of the human soul and what eternal life and death is! If your soul is lost, of what use can anything else be to you? Banished from the presence of the Almighty and the glory of his power how could you enjoy anything? The moment you die, you have received all your good, if you have lost your soul, and all the rest is unmitigated and unmingled evil.”

If we truly understand the value of a human soul, especially in light of eternity, we will be overwhelmed with a burden for the lost.

It’s time to focus our eyes and our hearts on the reason we are here and understand why the Holy Spirit is being poured out on this generation.

Whatever you do for the Lord, make sure the end result is the salvation of others. No matter what you do in life, let your focus be on the lost. The cry is coming from across the globe: “What must I do to be saved?”



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