The Great Testimony of: Bobby Conner An Abortion Survivor

Before Bobby Conner was ever  born he had an encounter with the Lord. He says the encounter took place inside  his mother’s womb. When Bobby’s mom was pregnant, his father was in a mental  institution dying of a venereal disease. The doctors warned his mother that the  baby she was carrying would also be affected by the same illness that his  father was dying of in the hospital. So, she decided to abort the baby (Bobby)  that was in her womb with a coat hanger. But, God’s hand intervened and protected  Bobby. As his mom inserted the coat hanger inside her body and attempted to  pull Bobby’s life out, the Lord’s hand came and pushed Bobby aside in his  mother’s womb.

Although some have said that nobody can know what happened to  them when they were a fetus, Bobby disagrees, “Me and John the Baptist do.”

Bobby grew up in East Texas in extreme poverty. His mom made family  clothes out of feed sacks. Since the family did not have a car, they would  hitch a ride to church. At the age of eight, Bobby began to feel self conscious  about his impoverished conditions. In an effort to escape, Bobby began to drink  alcohol, shoe polish, shaving lotion and even gasoline.

“I could be whoever I wanted  to be when I was high,” Bobby said.

He would even break into hospitals  and steal pills to support his addiction. In 1968, after a history of drug  abuse and jail time as a young adult, Bobby decided to get a “normal life.” He  married, had a child, and even lived in a house with a white picket fence. But  Bobby still felt empty.

In frustration he cried out,  “If this is all there is to living, I’m through with it.”

One night, after he dropped  his wife and son off at church, Bobby drove away from the church with a double  barrel shotgun under his seat. Parking the car, he pulled out the gun, placed  the barrel in his mouth, and took the safety off. With his thumb on the  trigger, Bobby began to cry and shake uncontrollably, but he just couldn’t kill  himself.  Instead, he put the gun away  and drove back to the church.

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