Trusting the character of God

trust-1418901_1280Do you have a friend that you know very well? You can vouch for the person at any time.
Let’s assume you had an appointment with the person and he/she didn’t show up. By virtual of the knowledge you know of the person,  you would be convinced that something out of the persons control must have happened because the trend is “out of character”.
We will not always have the answers or know how things will plan out, but one thing is sure “God is faithful”. When we don’t understand, we must trust God for who He is.

Lets look at these illustrations!!

Moses lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, He got to the red sea and cried unto the Lord. If God did so many mighty miracles to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt, do you think God will leave them to be caught up at the red sea? No a thousand times no.

When God lead the children of Israel into the wilderness, do you think God would leave them to starve to death? No a thousand times no.

This is what pleased God when  Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son. He knew that God cannot lie, so even if it meant that God would raise Isaac from the dead, He would do it, and it pleased the Lord, Abraham trusted the character of God. If God promised him a son after so many years, and against all odds, Sarah conceive, Abraham knew that God would come through for him, even if it meant the Lord raising Issac from the dead. Abraham was smarter than some believers today.  He knew that if God could give him a son at 99 years old, Sarah 90 years, GOD Word would come to pass through Issac.

Have you started a journey , now in the middle and wonder what will happen? If God started it do you think the Lord will leave you in the middle hanging? Is your tiny problem so big in your sight? Do you think that God is caught unawares by the sudden challenges that have suddenly sprung up? If the Lord Jesus Christ was slain before the foundation of the earth, do you think your  problem has caught God unawares?

We need to wake up and begin to trust God for who He is. Trust His character. Anything that says anything otherwise is a lie.

Are you in a difficult situation and don’t know how to get out? Trust the character of God. Do you think God will abandon you? Do you think God is caught unawares? No, no, no a thousands times no. Just trust Him.

Bisi Oladipupo

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