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Not everything is instant

instant foodWe live in an instant world. Drive through take away, microwave oven food: ready in 3 minutes. Unfortunately we have brought this into the church but we have to understand that the ways of God are not always instant. Read full article from here:

What legacy are you leaving?

In ministry, it is always about leading people to Jesus and ensuring that the ministry is built upon Jesus Christ and not a person. We need to be investing into other people that can carry the baton. Read full article from here:

Works alone do not please the Lord. What is the Lord saying to you?

We need to be careful and sensitive to what the Lord is specifically saying to us. Don’t get caught up in the glamour and frame to the neglect of that gentle still voice nudging you into a specific direction for your life. Read full article from here:

What are you doing with the privileges that you have been given!

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