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In His sight!

clouds-429228_1280What matters most to you. What people think about you, or how the Lord sees you?

We live in a world that tries to size people up, put them in different classes. Some people pride themselves in their professions, area where they live or who they associate with. While there is nothing wrong in having a good profession, or live in a good area of town, all these are temporal situations and circumstances. Have you ever had a boss before that is now referred to as “he /she was my boss? This shows how temporal these things can be.

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The alternative is not an option!

Do you know within you that you need to do something but finding it hard to do? It could be anything that you know is right, or the Lord specifically wants you to do. It could even be a fight of faith perhaps you feel like putting your hands up as fights can sometimes be challenging in the flesh. Read the full article from here.

Beauty is not everything

As we go along the path of life we all realise that physical beauty is not everything. You might like a person afar off, but when you get close, and see some things, you may change your mind. We have all been through this before.

If only we would discern people the way the bible says we should, we would have more quality relationships in our lives (2 Corinthians 5: 16), “no ye no man after the flesh”. No man means no man. Sometimes people choose to do wrong, and this is not based on their appearance. I.e. how they look. Read article from here:

What are you doing with longsuffering of the Lord?

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